SEO Process BlenderIt all starts after you realize SEO is the best thing since cookie dough ice cream. First, you contact us, and we’ll check out your site.

Some folks voice concerns that because we call our business “consulting” that means we get paid a lot to do nothing except send a report.  This is not true here. Our main goal is to roll up the shirt sleeves, get knee deep into your website code and provide fingers on keyboard expertise to improve your search engine rankings. We can do this with or without the web company that built your site initially. Chances are, to avoid any conflicts, it will be easier to operate independantly though.

Then we’ll set up a time to chat about how we can improve search engine rankings for your website, for about 1/2 hour.
We’ll point out some of the major items that need tuning on your page, the types of business clients you’re trying to attract, which of your products you want to focus on marketing and discuss our pricing.  Just so nobody’s time is disrespected – engagements begin at around the same price range as a magazine ad, but the results last longer.

After the meeting, when you decide to gain more customers via your web site, we’ll then need your web site information such as the ftp server name and password. (If you have a current web master you fear has total control over *your* web site, we can help you deal with that as well.)

Then we re-code the site according to the initially discussed plan. Your site won’t go down while this is happening, it just gets updated.  From evaluation to final coding this will take around a month. We could probably get the coding done in a few days, but there’s a reason we want to extend the change period. Search engines like to see that a site has multiple changes over time rather than instant overhauls.
Improvements in SEO should be seen very quickly after we begin.

We tend to cautiously under-promise on both time frame and results, so let’s get started to improve your search engine rankings.