SEO saves fuel costs and time

Being better connected to your community through improved search engine rankings has many hidden benefits for a “local” company. By ‘local company’ I mean a company that needs to be physically at a customers location in order to accomplish the task at hand – painters, contractors, cleaning services, lawn and garden services, etc…or, it could be a business that people perform a local search for while on their mobile device – such as finding a nearby restaurant, auto service, or hotel while they are in an unfamiliar part of the town.

Google reports one third of mobile search are for local information. It would help your business to become obvious to the potential customers looking for your business.

Having customers who are able to choose to work with a more local service company is a ‘greener’ choice for everyone. Fuel costs are saved, less wear and tear on transportation vehicles, less pollution, faster emergency response time for such things as a leaky pipe, etc. Both the customer and the on-site business win when a nearby connection is made online.