Yay! Your site made it to the first page of a major search engine. Hooray for being  number 5!…um…wait. We’re still not getting any click through traffic. Why?

Because no one cares about anything below the top 3 results. That’s why. The vast majority – 80 % of viewers don’t even look below the top 3 results.  Like in the Olympics, only the top 3 get rewarded. To the victor goes the spoils. And, with the variety of search result displays, it becomes even more important to appear at the top of the stack. Paid search advertising and a mix of ‘local’ and personally filtered results create a search result display that often only allows for page space to show the top few results, everyone else is pushed to the dreaded 2nd page.

This is why a commitment to have the number 1 result for any given niche search phrase is much more important than having an “okay” result in a broad term.