On Target SEOSometimes a business will purchase several related urls for a website and then assume if they all point to the same place they will ‘own the market’ for that idea or phrase.  This may have been true in the late 90′s, but not today.
There’s 4 options regarding owning a domain name and considering forwarding that domain name to an already created site. This summarized with costs and benefits below.

There are articles that offer more technical details; this one is for those who have made their domain name purchase through GoDaddy and merely seek a brief overview of how to maximize their SEO efforts while understanding the perceived Search Engine landscape’s possible future risks.

1 -
DNS forwarding from GoDaddy to main site via the url dashboard “Forward” feature.
No known SEO benefit, possible penalties to existing main site SEO results, now or in future. No additional charge from GoDaddy account. The upside here might be for using a product’s name to forward to the parent company for ease of access.

Do url forwarding with a “301 redirect”, either in an .htaccess or other redirect method.
This is technically more difficult than above, and hence usually has a charge for a technician’s time.
To do this the urls need to have hosted sites, not a parked domain, but without content or email.
It’s difficult to assess an exact benefit, but it seems to provide large SEO positives; and there’s no known SEO penalty.

Do nothing and let them stay parked. No penalty, no SEO benefit. Cost for domain renewals only. Side effect marketing benefit…blocking the competition from creating similarly named sites.

Ultimately, it seems there’s not much benefit above or beyond building another good site with good content.
Putting dollar$ into some site design improvements – like embedding that video into the site from youtube – will increase SEO by the link from youtube channel, and give you a more visible searchable asset on YouTube and organically. Videos are still a heavy contributor in top search results in many platforms, improves SEO content, and impressive brand impact. YouTube is the 3rd most searched site as well.  It’s commonly used in successful long tail product marketing. Make sure you’ve got a little, not just for the SEO benefits, but for the entire user experience.

As far as the DNS options above, numbers 2 & 4 may be used at the same time for maximum SEO effect if you want to only manage one online property.