First, what’s a web Page Title? Easy Answer: The web Page Title is the text that appears in the – usually blue colored – DukesConstruction_SEO_resultswindow frame of your web browsing application – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc…it usually says the company’s name who owns the site or maybe the title of an article that is on that particular web page.

Because the Page Title is at the very top of a web page, search engines consider it very important when ranking web pages against one another to provide those which best mirror a searcher’s request for information.

We made several changes to the length and wording of Page Title tags for to improve their search results for carlsbad, ca kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors among other keyword phrases and variations. If you click this link you can compare this site’s Page Titles and how it relates to the search keywords in the picture.

As you can see from the picture, our efforts have been placing this client in the search engine’s top 3 “organic” results for this search phrase, and many variations related to this phrase.

There are technical nuances in a proper Page Title beyond just selecting the words. The length of the phrase is particular, the correlation of keywords and their usage in the page’s content are important. The same plethora of details involved for proper Page Title coding also applies to other areas of a website to be most effective for your SEO purposes.

Contact Site Consultants today for assistance you with the proper coding of your most important SEO asset – the Page Title tag.