Why have a "home" button?Unless the majority of your earnings are gained by selling residential property, our very first action for your web SEO would be to immediately remove your “home” link from web navigation. The most important link in your web site is the one that points to your “index.html” page – from the web server’s view this is the “home” page.  And since it’s such an important part of your website, the search engines will give your site a higher query result if your links and key words are aligned accordingly. The devil is in the details with this SEO stuff. It’s not rocket science, but it takes time to align the search ‘key’ words and phrases to your business goals. We’ll help you do that, and everyone benefits.

(One of the primary assumptions of the article, also, is that you do not have “graphic” buttons. This method only works for text based link styles. If you still have a website with graphic buttons – be aware those are even more completely useless towards your SEO goals. More on that in another post…)

Some people argue that removing the “home” link would confuse potential clients…that they will become lost in the website. We’ve seen consistently good results in placing contact information in the header of every page. For instance, even though there is no home button on this page, you would still be able to call our number right now anyways from the number above. And,  that would be a good start toward getting your site in front of more customers.

So there you go. Get rid of your “home” button and replace it with the name of your most important product or service. Your customers will thank you for being more easily found and more obvious about how you could assist them.  Click studies show people scan websites or impressions in about 250 milliseconds. The faster you can have information related to their search terms directly in front of their eyes, the better.

There’s a long list of details to dive into when assisting a web site improve its search engine returns.  Call us at the number above, or submit a “Request Evaluation form” to get started.