We help improve your search resultsWhen we evaluate your site – it’s not another automated scan which will generate an inhuman list of somewhat relevant synonyms from your page’s noun words. What’s that mean?! Exactly. Computers can’t solve the problems they create. And, sometimes simpler is still better. At some point a person needs to think: “Hey, ‘trimmers’ – for a hedge, or, for a beard, are just not the same thing.” But for a computer that might not be understood.

In some markets local geography is understood by local slang terms…”Inland Empire”, “Southie”, “Deep Ellum”, “The Strand”… these ideas ought to be encoded into your web site to draw local business.

For one medical device business, the acronym “OCT” didn’t stand for the month of “October”; “OCT” meant “Optical Coherence Tomography” – a technology used in eye exams.¬† Since June of 2010, searching for “OCT” has returned top search engine result for “Eye on OCT”, an online education site for Carl Zeiss-Meditec, thanks to SiteConsultants.us site improvement methods. Go ahead, search any engine for “OCT” and see for yourself.

When SiteConsultants.us looks at your website, we will come back to you with some questions about your business. And you will be asked some questions about what you’re trying to represent on your website. We will consult with you about your site. This is a bi-directional process. Please let us participate in the future success of your business¬† by better aligning your offerings and customers’ selections, in both the seen and unseen areas of your web code.