SEO is like a lighthouse for your web site

Site Consultants really enjoys seeing client companies’ sales growth. We get a big kick out of our repeatable success in focusing our SEO (Search Engine Optimization), method-based services  to gain new customers for local service companies.  It’s exciting to see web pages dramatically climb from “never seen” to the first place.

What is SEO? Well, it’s a bit like a lighthouse. It does an important job by sending information out about what something is from a distance. SEO can send a signal around the world or just be an easy to find local landmark. Fortunately, SEO is much less expensive than a lighthouse.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization- means re-coding parts of a web site to improve where a search engine lists that website in response to a search query. The way a person sees a website is different than the way a search engine “bot” sees a web site.  The general understanding about why this is important is – the higher in the results, the more often a potential customer be introduced to the business – and subsequently convert to a happy customer. Often the positive impact to a business makes this a worthwhile  effort. A business could hire experienced consultants to facilitate this re-coding in conjunction with, or independent of, the web designer who created the site.

SEO is a good thing for the bottom line, and for the environment and quality of life. SEO helps both parties find each other more  accurately and quickly.  It’s important that as a business evolves its web site does too.  And, people like to support local businesses when they can find them easily online.

We have clients who have gone from “average lost Joe” to consistent, top, long term “organic” Google, Yahoo and Bing! search engine rankings. (“Organic” rankings are the ones the search engines display for free, and are usually the more clicked on and trusted search engine links.)

More than meets the eye
You can’t see them in your web browser, but the engine “bots” certainly do. By “Them” we mean chunks of code that give search engines the inside tip about what information your website contains.

Alternative tags  on pictures and html architecture make a difference in how well your site places in search engine results. We can personally check your site for the proper coding and insert the relevant details to significantly improve your engine rankings.

Often times a web site will be visually appealing, but to a blind search engine; and there’s no credit awarded for a pretty site in this game. There are hundreds of details that drive the results from a search engine inquiry. We know and address the most important of these elements that are often overlooked by purely design oriented web professionals. Call the number up top now to get started.